2015-2016 Athletics East Annual Awards – Part 3

The annual awards will be presented at the AGM and Presentation Night Friday, 4 November 2016 at the Randwick Bowling Club – Corner The Avenue and Cowper Street, Randwick – to commence at 7:00pm.

The final nominations are:

Most Improved Athlete of the year Award

This award recognizes your dedication, effort and values your performance wherever you finish against the competition as you have achieved your personal best.

This is the club’s ultimate trophy and it encapsulates our total philosophy.

It is an award that can be won by ANY AE CLUB MEMBER; it is not based on ability.  All athletes that have improved are in contention and all are winners in their own right.

The award can be won by an athlete recording numerous PB’s (over the same distance/event or many distances/events) or a single but significant PB (i.e. a long standing PB as age makes it more difficult to achieve).

The award also recognizes the long climb back to fitness and performance after injury, illness or break from the sport.

All performances are reviewed individually with respect being given to single pb’s as well as multiple improvements. This recognizes the different frequencies of competition that some events can tolerate. The marathon for example requires a very specialized approach and normally would only be contested once or twice a year.


  • James Costello half M to 800 (12 total) Controlled efforts and consistent training led to a string of excellent personal bests.
  • Nicole Hutton 7km to 800m (6 total) Stepped up from sprint background and achieved distance and time improvements throughout the year.
  • Jemima Keay Doak Field events for Pentathlon (10 total) Junior pentathlete recording many Track and Field  improvements throughout the season.
  • Veronica Chan 7km to 3km (6 total) From + 5min per km to under in all events from 3 to 7km
  • Rebecca Holmes – Half M to 4km (8 total) Strong improvements over 10km and Half M
  • Kevin O’Brien Half M to 800m (17 total) Huge range of improvement following the success of previous year
  • Lorna Santry 5km to 1500 (7 total) Excellent achievements with limited training (due to night shift commitments)
  • Nicole Berridge 400m to 60m (10 total) Successful progressive second year of competition expanding events down to 60m