Athletics East Award nominees 2019

An impressive year of performances are duly reflected in the amount nominations for this year’s awards. The improvements are rewarding for not only those that achieve them but also to those that witness seeing personal history being created. Performance though is not just about personal best, it is also about commitment, application and desire. These attributes have shone through in many performances and show us all what is possible when we apply courage to a task. 

Congratulations to all nominations and to the many more that created those special unforgettable performances. 

Et procedit Fabula – May the legends continue (sic).

Tony Brown memorial award

Karl Baddeley

Karl has consistently shown great support to fellow club members by encouraging their efforts in training and racing. He is always willing to pace make for fellow AE members and is a working committee member.

Cindy Paisio

Cindy recorded the highest female participation

Darren Purcell

Darren had the most male participation throughout the year.

Best male performance award

Ken Wilson

Ken had an outstanding lifetime PB for 1500 at 52.

Josh Thomson

In his 3rd PB over 1500 of season he recorded a 2 sec improvement with an attacking attitude from start to finish.

Karl Baddeley

PB for Nowra cross country the toughest event of the year by 2mins

Darren Purcell

Darren had outstanding 5km time of 16:03 at age 48

Other noteworthy performances:

Jim Hotait

for placing 6th in his heat and 11th overall on times in the National Masters 400m 45- 49 age group.

Jon Kellett

for placing 2nd in the final of the 400m and 4th in the final in the final of the 200m at the National Masters 30-34 age group.

Best female performance award

Naomi Tancred

NY marathon 3:15 
Overseas Marathons have extra difficulties ie travel time, different environment, time zone shifts etc. it is then always incredible to achieve a PB.

Nicole Berridge

Recovering from injury, placed 6th in her heat in the 100m at the National Championships where she missed progressing to the next round by 0.02sec and ran her fastest time for 18 months (and .06 slower than PB). Nicole was the only AE athlete to compete at the open National Championships.

Renee Briffa

for placing 3rd in the final of the 200m in a personal best and 3rd in the final of the 400m at the National Masters 40-44

Jennifer Cabasson

5km 18:41 first track race over the distance and demolished the bench mark of 20mins.

Cindy Paisio

An outstanding 1500 run that resulted in a 5:09 time which is close to her lifetime PB of 5:05 when 27 years of age.

Other noteworthy performances:

Stephanie Crossley

Stephanie ran two 5km pbs on consecutive weekends.

Jane Boyd

O’55 1500 record and 5km record following a long spell of injury and remote training.

Best junior performance award

Ruby Madden

Strong PB runs in Cc relays and tough Nowra CC course.

Josh Tancred

3km has been rapidly improving all year through Little A’s competition. Breaking all distance PB’s constantly.

Club person award

Lisa Thompson

A very busy year with website upgrade / club communications officer / development of new AE uniform / newly appointed to the ANSW board.

Jude Gregory

Jude has been spending a lot of time recovering from injury which always makes it hard to stay connected to club hence spending time reviewing and contributing to the new website makes a worthy nomination.

Most Improved Athlete of the Year award

Josh Thompson

First full year taking on board the summer season. He ran strongly in all races and this fearless approach rewarded Josh with 7 PB’s

Karl Baddeley

9 PB’s over the year and unprecedented in the fact that this is his third year of constant improvement.

Veronica Chan

Veronica ran 3x400 PB’s and first time under 70 secs for 400 (68.93) and 2x800 PB’s.

Funrunner of the year award (Edna Wallace award)

Daniel Novak

Christopher Zinn

Mel O’Connor

Most improved Funrunner of the year award (Cedric Sidebottom award)

Barbara Lake

Shelley Watson

Marie Le Garrec