AE XC Teams Relay 2020 Results

🎤 The word from the Coach

Perfect weather, perfect self distancing behaviour, perfect performances, perfect results. 

A very special morning with many heading to Queens Park for the virtual relay challenge. Self distancing was eminently displayed with the first small group (well led by Mike Parker) all ready to go at a prompt 8am. They set off into the early morning mist and then ghosted in and out of view throughout the two lap course.

What followed was groups of 4 to 2 setting off well spaced throughout a two hour period. The mist lifted to reveal a beautiful morning which was spectacularly captured on film by the Maestro Paul McGuire (thank you). Other runs were performed in NZ, US and UK as well as regional NSW and Victoria. 

Once all results were received the painstaking job of collating and confirming runs (via NASA’s deep web optical runner satellite) took place. This imaging proved social distancing was observed during the runs although there was some controversy with a group that had someone running twice that morning. A Dr (WHO) has reviewed the incident and believes there was unstable air due to a very fast overtaking runner (JC – not divine) so no action is necessary.

The results are fantastic with many justifiably part of winning teams. No one team won more than one division and the overall team winner was not a division winner. First and foremost though all participated with great spirit and camaraderie. 

Thank you all for making this event such a great success.

📷 Photos by Paul