Athletics East 2014 _2015 Annual Awards Winners

The annual awards for the 2014_2015 season were held at the Paddington RSL on Friday 23rd October. This year the club boasted record member numbers topping over 100 members making the depth of nominees substantial. Another great part of the 2014_2015 season were the amount of juniors in and amongst the club who’s performances were outstanding across the season.

New Fun Runner recruits Sally Gordan and Matt Hassell had a fantastic season, only with injury getting in their way toward the end of the season. However their stellar first seasons saw them walk away with well deserved awards.

In the first time in the clubs history the Cross Country awards were won by the same person for both male and female’s.

And the winners were…


Most Improved Athlete
Gillian Sohun


Club Person of the Year
Lisa Biffin and Iris Good


Tony Brown Memorial Trophy
Mark Gregory


Best Female Performance
Nicole Berridge


Best Male Performance
Hugo Whitehead & Kevin O’Brien


Fun Runner of the Year
Matt Hassell


Cedric Sidebottom Award
Sally Gordon


Club Point Score
Male: Kevin O’Brien
Female: Lisa Biffin


Club Cross Country Champion:
Male: Kevin O’Brien
Female: Lisa Biffin


Club Road Race Champion:
Male: Kevin O’Brien
Female: Lisa Biffin

Photos can be viewed on the clubs facebook page here