Athletics NSW State Relays, Campbelltown, 19 – 20 November 2022

Fast starts, great debuts, excellent mid order and Exocet accurate last leg runs resulted in extremely successful results for all AE teams.

Every team member was outstanding in the context (and beyond) of contributing to the overall result of each team.

Female 160+ 4×800

It became evident very quickly that Nowra had an exceptional first leg runner and Rona had to control effort and finish as strong as possible to keep distance as close as possible to them. This distance was in fact 200m + at changeover and the chase was on. Debut run from Vicky saw a quick start settle back then a committed effort to finish with distance closed by 10-20m (with zero experience before this run a good effort). A consistent and disciplined effort from Jane clawed back another 10-20m. This was a welcome return to the team / track from Jane. Naomi then ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ (courtesy of Pink Floyd) with the task in front and for all to see she carefully applied herself to the task. The distance had reduced in the first 100m, it looked unlikely however ‘Fortune Favours The Bold’. With a lap to go the chase had been reduced to 100m! going down the back straight the distance was visibly closing and with 150m to go it was neck and neck for a few strides before Naomi surged ahead to finish in style.

This set the day up for all following teams.

Male 240+ 4×800

Good solid effort from Wayne’s first leg run with excellent time. Martin followed with similar result timewise and kept the team in good position. Keith ramped up pace and will benefit from this hit out in future events (also this was a 5sec improvement from last year’s relay). Darren finished team in fine style for second place with Norths 100m ahead.

Male 160+ 4×800

Chammy started and showed ‘The Turbinator’ style with a great time and team setup. Debut run from Harry showed control well beyond his race experience (which was also zero before this run). Pete “Give me Mountains but I love track” used his strength with a diesel like performance. Bosco completed the winning team with a an approx. 1.2 sec differential for all 200 splits – impressive!

Female 160+ 4×1500

Naomi had successfully reentered the atmosphere after the 4×800 and had the task of starting the 1500. This task involved having to stick to the Illawong first leg athlete, this she did with distinction to hand over to Jackstar. Jackstar then had to hold her nerve and run her own race as Illawong fielded their strongest runner next. It was a scenario similar to 4×800 in aiming to keep handover lead to minimum possible. This she did well ran strongly to hand over to third leg. Cecilia with the job at hand in front of her (250m) set off and gradually reeled in Illawong to hand over the baton for Rona to run without pressure to finish in first place

Male 200+ 4×1500

Keith had the job of first leg tracking Sutherland to handover (this proved vital to set the team up as the race unfolded). Footnote (get that joke!) this was 9 secs faster than last year’s 1500 relay. Peter “Forget the MTNS just call me Diesel” with full tank and minus one gear moved ahead of Sutherland to lead the event by 10m at change over. Chammy now “The Turbo-nator” did an excellent job increasing the lead to 250m for Darren to finish champagne style for a club record team performance by 5 secs.
The 800 splits (200’s) were extremely good considering the lack of specific 800 racing prior to the relays – Nice work

Congrats and welcome to the debut runners, it was great to have you on board and look forward to future events.

Thank you to all who ran as your contributions made it a very successful and memorable day.

“And The Legend Continues”

Pete N Ris

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