Cross Country Relays – The Armory, Newington 1st June 2024

Tough Mudder at the Armory – Cross Country Relays, 1st June 2024

The Armory venue for the cross-country relays resembled a battlefield at the close of events this year. A first-time event at this new location proved eventful due to an unprecedented weather event called a tough mud low. This weather pattern had spread from the usually muddy Victorian border overnight and splatted the ground from mid-morning onwards making for a spectacularly wet and challenging cross-country course. As expected, AE athletes stepped up to the plate and showed they were the true masters of the muddy verse. It was a Marvel to see these super heroes cut through the difficult conditions without so much of a comment of being cold, wet or tired, certainly they all felt Thor which shows their superness.

The support to double up and complete teams was appreciated with performances of Avengers proportions producing epic results. My thanks go to all as those results which have enabled all age group teams (incredibly for A & B for over 50’s teams to maintain 1st and 2nd in that division – Big thanks Jackster ) to stay in very competitive positions point score wise for the winter premiership.

Basically, you were all heroes on the day and your efforts cannot go without comment.

Daz ‘give me another leg’ Purcell two excellent legs over 50, over 40
Pete ‘brown legged boy’ Sweeny also two big legs over 50 and over 40
Campbell ’Eveready‘ Dawson over 60 and over 40
James ‘steady start’ Costello

Chamkaur ‘Dad of the year‘ Dhaliwal
Wayne ‘spikes‘ Cooper
Paul ‘Spielberg‘ McGuire who ran and also took photo’s
Matt ‘ Boys just want to have fun’ Lynch
Phillip ‘yep I am wearing shoes’ Balnave
Sonia ‘I can do this’ Mbekhta
Cindy ‘wow this is fun’ Paisio
Bron ‘Bring it on‘ Lee – debut run for the club
Rebecca ‘now this is cross country‘ Holmes
Jackie ‘it doesn’t mudder just do it’ Wright
Rona ‘mud don’t stop me now’ Macniven
Aggie ‘where is the mud’ Fichera
Kylie ‘this is a mudst‘ Richards
Sally Hannah ’I mudstood this for cross country‘

Also big thanks to Mark G for assisting in the day with some remarkable photo’s and video work regardless of the conditions or knarly officials.


Unfortunately we are still waiting on some results, they will be posted as soon as we get them