Tony Brown Results

🎤 The word from the Coach

A special “Unprecedented” Tony Brown Covid Event. A true Tony Brown which was supportive and enthusiastic creating an enjoyable atmosphere to counter a chilly temperature drop and intermittent light rain. The virtual runs have been very successful and this return to a close to normal event had a very welcome response across the board.

It was exceptionally inclusive with a marathon element, general walking, running performances and debut runs. Daniel Novak and Christopher Zinn were working their way through a virtual marathon and finished with the last 10km being the Tony Brown run. They were well supported throughout and had welcome company especially during this club event. As always good to see the strong contingent of walkers.

Good numbers in both waves of 10km and 5km runners. Overall the performances were very good with some excellent 10km PB results for Antoine Burbaud (37:43), Jennifer Cabasson (39:11), Brendan Sands (39:50), Christopher Stone (39:59) and Lorin Muhlmann (55:01).

Very notable performances from Karl course PB (35:32), Wayne Cooper (51:10) and Damian Tancred (22.10)

Overall Men’s – Darren Purcell closely followed by Karl Baddeley and Jimmy Costello.

Overall Women’s – Georgie Purcell (guest) Jennifer Cabasson and Rebecca Holmes.

Negative splits – Karl, Darren, Jimmy, Mark, Ken, Antoine, Christopher Zinn (impressive for the last 10km of marathon), Georgie, Jennifer, Marie-Jose, Wayne Cooper, Rachel, Fiona.

Thank you to all who made it a very memorable day.

Application, work and effort understood by shared experience unites and bonds those that participate.