Treloar Shield Round 6 – The Battle for the final

Treloar Shield 6th and final round was held at SOPAC on 2nd December. In the O’50 category we have been striving to make the series final and this weekend was our last chance. From round 1 with only 4 AE competitors to round 6 where we had 15 competitors the mission for the 50+ age group was to jump a place on the league table from equal 5th to 4th outright (top 5 teams to make the final).

No one could have predicted the outcome; it was a thrilling afternoon of competition and at the close of events AE had not only achieved the targeted league position for the final but also finished outright winners of the day’s competition. This feat is put into context by the fact we beat UTS Norths who had dominated so far by winning the previous 5 rounds. This was an incredible achievement and should be a warning shot across the bows for the final.

As AE President I was extremely proud and appreciative of all the efforts and performances by our members. AE has a legendary club spirit which has shone through in many events creating outstanding results. Personally, I feel this is the foundation of the club and is a uniting force that increases our strength and promotes lasting friendship and camaraderie.

In true AE club spirit, we had Lyn and Marion competing for the first time and doing multiple events. Andrew and Wayne making welcome returns to the track in their first Treloar Shield. Mons, Aggie and David competing in their 2nd Treloar Shield, again in multiple events and seasoned AE members doing what they do best. A standout 7 individual events plus a relay for Robyn – go you good thing.

As testament to your efforts a considerable amount of club records have been set and/or broken this weekend.

We now await ANSW confirmation of our calculations of final berth and details for the competition format of the day.

Thank you to all


Peter Good