Update on AE Club CC Champs April 2020 Virtual Race

We hope you are getting excited for the Club ANZAC Day virtual race on Saturday. We certainly are with 54 entrants in many locations from Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, the US to … Centennial Park 😉

The virtual teams have also been finalised! You can find your team in the spreadsheet here.

A few things to remember:

1. Run/walk 5 km on 25 April whenever and wherever you choose (refer to What’s the course below)
2. Email a picture of your Watch/Strava activity to Petenris@gmail.com by 7pm 

What’s the course? What time does the run start?

There’s no designated course even though as this is a cross country event it should be predominantly on grass/trail (refrain from using an oval if possible). You run/walk at your chosen time, at a location that you choose (just let others know in the spreadsheet to help with respecting social distancing). If the course chosen is predominately downhill there will be a coaches discretionary adjustment made to your time. Your 5km must be completed on 25 April and your time sent by 7pm. The Saturday morning fun runner course will be acceptable for fun runner/walkers.

If you don’t have a GPS watch, we have measured the exact 5km distance around the white fence in Centennial. Check the photo below.

What’s the winning team prize?

Each athlete of the winning team will gain an additional point to the Winter pointscore (very important if this is the only race!) and other prizes (tbc).